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Braided Twist Packet

This amazing tool comes with a book filled with amazing possibilities!!

The Beauty of the Braided Twist is its simplicity!
No Quilting, No Binding, No Handwork!!
How?... The magic is in hidden center seam!!

The Braided Twist tool is backed with a book full of twists and turns. 
Each runner is made with the same basic technique, but there's more! Learn the Basics, then add details.

The Braided Twist Packet includes the tool, a 32 page booklet, and 3 insert pages

Your choice of fabrics
Single-Sided Fusible Fleece
Fusible Web 1/4"
Standard Ruler 8 1/2" x 18 1/2" or longer
Rotary Cutter 45mm or larger
Small scissors
45 Degree Ruler (optional for 45 Twist)
60 Degree Ruler (optional for Bonus Blossom)

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