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The artist behind Sillier Than Sally Designs is Sally Walsh: As you can probably already tell, I am a color-obsessed, watercolor artist. I exhibit my art, teach art classes and create mural art. I truly love to paint fun and delightful confetti-colored birds and animals that just wrap our hearts up in a warm blanket of happiness!

I live in sunny Sydney Australia, where I have an art space in my home which I call my Tree Top Studio, it’s not quite in the trees, but it does jut out over a rolling green ridge of trees. So, I am surrounded by green, with lots of wild native Australian birds popping by for visits. I am a BIG fan of birds, animals and nature!  My art journey started in early childhood. I spent MANY years working in a variety of industries (Hospitality, Floristry, Graphic Design, Printing Industry, Animation at Disney) and I was continually creating art at the same time. 

I established my little art biz, Sillier Than Sally, in 2011, and it has been a roller coaster ride of color ever since!