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Annie Brady is an Irish illustrator and surface pattern designer. She graduated from the National College of Art and design in Dublin and started her career working in Graphic design, most notably for the Irish fashion and lifestyle label, Avoca. Surrounded by bolts of beautiful Liberty and Albert Guegain fabrics, Annie was inspired to sketch up her own textile designs and to her pleasure and surprise, some of her prints went on to become company bestsellers.

After 10 years of city life, Annie craved the green fields of her native Co. Offaly and so she went off to live in a castle. Later, after an around-the-world trip, she made another move, this time to the small and artsy city of Providence, Rhode Island. She lives there with her husband and works full time as an illustrator and surface pattern designer.

Curiosity is Annie’s middle name and she thrives on opportunities to see life in a different light. Be it far flung travel, browsing galleries and markets, or camping in the wilderness, her designs are a culmination of these experiences; some real, many more imagined!

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Northern Light Spruce Winter Night

$9.00 $12.49


Northern Light Pine Winter Night